The New Change for BC TFW Housing Inspection in 2020

The employer should follow the new rules changing before next new inspection, and your inspection may not pass if any rules breaking. A copy of the 1st page of the inspection report must be posted in the accommodations where workers and program auditors can access it.

1, The area around the accommodation (approximately 15m in every direction or up to a property line) must be clean and well maintained;

2, All counter tops longer than 3 feet must be supported by enclosed cabinetry.

3, The fire extinguisher must be available in the kitchen area and outside of the bedrooms. The additional extinguishers may be required (maximum 75 feet/22m travel distance between extinguishers).

4, Smoke alarms must be hard wired and interconnected with battery backup.

5, The fire escape plans must be available in English as well as languages understood by the occupants. and must be posted in a visible area (like you see in hotels). A sample plan is posted on the WALI website or ask your fire department.

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